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Everything In Your Hand Counts

We all learn to play cards when we are children. Card gaming is one of those ubiquitous passtimes in life where you begin with no real knowledge of what the game entails and after many years finally realize that it is a very complex passtime that has been taken up into other forms of entertainment. Of course, you cannot talk about playing cards without talking about gambling, but that is enough about gambling in this article.

Why do we play card games? They enhance our social skills, to be sure, and they give us a reason to keep each other company. But there must be something more to it because throwing rocks on a lake is a social game that allows us to enjoy each other's company.

Card games are so much fun because they are competitive and because they challenge us. Even in the simplest card games you have to think, and science has learned that the more we keep our minds busy the longer we retain our cognitive abilities. Hence, it should be no surprise that Grandma Bessie was sharp as a tack all the way up to the day she died because she loved playing cards.

Although you don't get much exercise when you shuffle cards they do at least give you a bit of a thrill when you find yourself pitted against a skilled opponent. And that sense of excitement does set your heart to beating. It would be a tired old bird indeed who did not some pleasure at being dealt a Rook or some disappointment at having an empty hand in poker.

With card games we also prove we are civilized. We don't have to go stomping around the countryside trying to kill everything in sight if we know how to play a good game of cards. Whole fortunes have been lost and won on the basis of how well people play cards.

And if that is not good enough for you, then look at James Bond, who epitomizes everything it means to be manly and cool. Bond will sit down to a game of cards just about any old day, especially if the fate of the world is at stake.

And it is with great pride and pleasure that I dedicate this site to all the James Bonds of the world. May you always draw the cards you need when you most desperately need them.

Please enjoy yourself while you visit this site.